A foodie road trip to Tijuana? On a recent foray, my husband, Paul, and I ventured beyond the tchotchke shops, discount pharmacies and street-corner “zonkeys,” donkeys painted to look like zebras. We discovered terrific new restaurants serving delectable organic Baja fare, wine and craft beers, and artisanal mescals that are becoming the connoisseur’s alternative to tequila. One bonus: The “road” part of the trip stopped at the border. We parked our car in a lot on the U.S. side ($20 a day) and joined the line of pedestrians walking into Mexico. We showed our passports, got them stamped, took 10 more steps, and we were in Mexico. We got around easily with using Uber and taxis in sprawling TJ. “Value” was another trip bonus: Food, lodging and transportation cost about half of what we would have paid in the States. The tab: $105 a night for a good hotel; $50 for a great meal for two with wine; and $7 max for an Uber or taxi ride. Read the complete article here.