Volunteers stay at our multipurpose facility, "La Posada Esperanza"

La Posada is located in the small town of La Gloria, only a fifteen-minute drive from the U.S./Mexico border. La Posada has bunk-style accommodations, two different male/female bathroom & shower facilities, a large common room, and a full industrial-size kitchen.

La Posada is staffed by a groundskeeper who lives on-site. Long-term volunteers live on-site as well and are easily reachable with any issues.

"Going Green" at La Posada

We practice going green and energy conservation year-round at La Posada Esperanza. This includes recycling, composting, and employing water saving technologies in all our bathrooms. What’s next on our To-Do List? Installing tank-less water heaters. What’s next on our “Green Wish List” for La Posada? Solar power!

Visit our Native Plants Garden

Thanks to a grant from the San Diego Natural History Museum, the Native Plants Garden and Nursery at La Posada Esperanza was established in 2007. This beautiful garden boasts over 50 species of plants native to Baja California. We propagate plants in the nursery for new homeowners to grow in their gardens and regularly host community and school workshops to educate the public about the environmental and health benefits of using native plants. Take a relaxing stroll through the garden and you will be greeted with a smile from our master gardener and Esperanza home recipient, Olivia.

Solar Power

We are very excited to share wonderful news regarding our latest clean energy upgrade for La Posada: a 19.95 kW solar panel system installation, completed in early 2019. The system is a ‘grid-tie’ system designed to generate power equal to the entire energy consumption of La Posada.

Some of the features of La Posada’s 19.95 kW solar panel system include:

  • 57 Canadian Solar 350W panels
  • Everest Anodized Aluminum Mounting Equipment
  • 3 Central Inverters “Solis 4G Single Phase” plus Enphase micro inverters
  • Projected to generate 31.4 megawatts of energy per year
  • 25 year warranty for Canadian Solar panels
  • 10 year warranty for micro inverters

We would like to give a Special Thank You to all the Solar Project Donors, including:

  • Donors who Contributed in Memory of Zach Misleh
  • Anonymous Donor
  •  SunTalk Solar
  •  Elevation Cellars


Taking a taxi to La Posada? Print out and share this handy map with your taxista.

Driving to La Posada? Download these handy photo directions.