International Health insurance. Neither Esperanza International nor Fundación Esperanza de Mexico nor the Esperanza Medical Center carry any kind of medical insurance for volunteer groups.  We require all volunteers to have international health insurance during the duration of their trip. Specifically, we ask that participants have insurance that covers emergency evacuation, emergency medical care, and encourage inclusion of COVID-19 repatriation coverage. We require group leaders to send Esperanza’s Program Coordinator a certificate of insurance at least one week before the trip start date.

Below are links to resources that provide insurance products. These links are provided as informational resources only.  We have no history or relationship with these companies or any other company on which to base a recommendation or endorsement.  We make no commitments or promises regarding the performance or reliability of these or any other companies.

  • Trip Armor/Mission Trip Insurance— “COVID-19 illness treated as any other illness or injury” and includes hotel stay. Individual and Group rates.
  • IMG Global—Includes emergency medical care and evacuation, COVID included.
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance—Includes accident/sickness expenses as well as emergency evacuation. Includes other benefits such as emergency dental and trip cancellation.
  • International Volunteer Card—Includes emergency medical care, evacuation, dental, and has a COVID option plan, without deductibles.
  • InterMedical—Provides international medical insurance including illness, injury and emergency medical evacuation. Some plans include COVID.