International Health insurance.  In order to ensure that participants have a safe experience, we are requiring all volunteers to have international health insurance during the duration of their Esperanza trip.  Specifically, we ask that participants have insurance that covers emergency evacuation and emergency medical care and that group leaders send a certificate of insurance one week before the trip to  Below are links to resources that provide insurance products.  We have no history or relationship with these companies or any other company on which to base a recommendation or endorsement.  We make no commitments or promises regarding the performance or reliability of these or any other companies and are providing them as informational resources only.

  • InterMedical—provides international medical insurance including illness, injury and emergency
    medical evacuation.  Deductibles vary and rates start at under $1/day with a minimum purchase of five days.
  • Mission Trip Insurance/Patriot insurance through IMG Group—group insurance rates that start as low as
    $.93/day and include deductible choices from $0 to $250.  Includes emergency medical care and
    evacuation; 5 day minimum purchase.  Mission Trip link: Patriot link (students, vacation, etc.):
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance—includes accident/sickness expenses as well as emergency evacuation.  Has no deductible and includes other benefits such as emergency dental and trip cancellation.  Minimum coverage is for one week and
    starts at around $50.
  • International Volunteer Card—the basic plan starts at $29 and is good for up to 60 days.  Includes emergency medical care and
    emergency evacuation without deductibles.  You can also purchase a card that can be used for multiple trips within a year.  They have an online group ordering tool.